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  1. What is OnToology?

    A system to automate part of the collaborative ontology development process. Given a repository with an owl file, OnToology will survey it and produce diagrams, a complete documentation and validation based on common pitfalls.

  2. How to use it?

    Create a repository on GitHub with your ontologies. Add your repo to OnToology (e.g. user/reponame). Everything will be generated automatically and a pull request will be sent. You can visit the progress page to see in real time what is going on with your repository. A pull request will be created automatically with all of the resources (docs, diagrams, evaluation report, and JSON-LD). see the Step by Step page for more info.

  3. What is the supported the files folders and files names?

    English alphabets (caps and small), underscores, dashes, and dots. Other alphabets and characters are not supported.

  4. What are the web browsers supported by OnToology?

    We tested OnToology with: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.

  5. Why ontology documentations doesn't show locally if the index file is opened locally?

    This is because chrome by default disables ajax on local html files. It should work with Firefox.

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